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Sunburst Anthias

Sunburst Anthias

  • Water Type: Marine
  • Tank Size: Min. 150L once fully grown
  • Recommended Amount: Seek Advice
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Your Guide to Buying and Adding a Sunburst Anthias to Your Tank

The dazzling Sunburst Anthias, also known as the Fathead or Hawk Anthias, makes a splash in any marine tank. With vibrant colours and a playful demeanour, here’s all you need to know about introducing and maintaining this vibrant fish in your aquarium.

Choosing the Right Sunburst Anthias

The Sunburst Anthias, recognised for its lively nature and striking appearance, can be an excellent addition to marine tanks. As always, ensure that the tank conditions and the current community are suitable for this vibrant swimmer.

Physical Appearance

The Sunburst Anthias stands out with its brilliant hues:

  • Radiant orange-pink body with a deep magenta line running from the snout, passing through the eye and fading towards the pectoral fins.
  • Males possess a pronounced forehead, giving the "fathead" descriptor.
  • Agile, slender body tailored for swift movements.

Compatibility with Other Fish

The Sunburst Anthias tends to be peaceful but has its own social dynamics to consider:

  • They often thrive in groups, preferably with one male and multiple females.
  • Aggression might be observed if multiple males are kept together.
  • Compatible with other non-aggressive species but may be bullied by more aggressive tank mates.

Reef Safe

Sunburst Anthias are generally considered reef-safe:

  • They usually won’t bother corals or invertebrates.
  • Their presence can bring colour and activity to a reef setup.
  • As always, individual behaviour varies, so keep an eye out for any unexpected interactions.

Suitable Tank Size

Space is crucial for these active swimmers:

  • Minimum tank size recommendation is 150 litres.
  • If housing a group, consider a larger tank to prevent territorial disputes.
  • They love rock formations and caves for hiding and resting.

Water Conditions

For the Sunburst Anthias to thrive, certain water conditions must be maintained:

  • Temperature: 23-28°C
  • pH levels: 8.1-8.4.
  • Specific gravity: 1.020-1.025.

Preparing Your Tank

A well-established tank environment is vital for the Sunburst Anthias:

  • Ensure the tank is cycled with stable water parameters.
  • Add plenty of live rock for hiding spots and territorial claims.
  • Gentle to moderate lighting is preferred, with dimmed periods for them to rest.

Monitoring Behaviour

Observing the behaviour of your Sunburst Anthias can give valuable insights:

  • Look for active swimming, indicating contentment.
  • Sunburst Anthias might hide initially but should become bolder over time.
  • Monitor interactions within the group, especially between males.

Feeding Schedule

These carnivores require a varied diet for best health:

  • Feed a mix of zooplankton, mysis shrimp, and quality marine pellets.
  • They prefer to feed multiple times a day, typically 2-3 times.
  • Adjust quantities to prevent over or underfeeding.

With dedication to their needs and a watchful eye, the Sunburst Anthias can be a beautiful, active, and harmonious addition to your marine setup.