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Pearlscale Angelfish

Pearlscale Angelfish

  • Water Type: Marine
  • Tank Size: Min. 190L once fully grown
  • Recommended Amount: Seek Advice
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Your Guide to Buying and Adding a Pearlscale Angel to Your Tank

Brighten your aquarium with the elegant Pearlscale Angel. This guide covers everything from selection, acclimation, to maintaining this mesmerising fish in your aquatic sanctuary.

Choosing the Right Pearlscale Angel

The Pearlscale Angel, with its unique scale texture and gentle temperament, can be a striking addition to many marine aquariums. As with any fish, ensuring your tank environment and existing community are compatible with your new arrival is essential.

Physical Appearance

The Pearlscale Angel stands out due to its uniquely textured scales that appear raised or pearl-like, giving the fish its name. They showcase a mix of vibrant colours, often with hues of blue, yellow, and orange intermixed.

  • Unique, raised "pearl" textured scales.
  • Vibrant blend of colours.
  • Sleek and streamlined body.

Compatibility with Other Fish

The Pearlscale Angel is known for its relatively peaceful demeanour but can be territorial at times. Its compatibility largely depends on the species it shares the tank with and the space available.

  • Typically peaceful but can become territorial.
  • Best paired with non-aggressive species.
  • May show aggression towards other angelfish or similar-looking species.

Reef Safe

When it comes to reef compatibility, the Pearlscale Angel can be a bit of a wildcard. While they often coexist peacefully in reef setups, there's potential for them to nip at soft and stony coral polyps or certain invertebrates.

  • Potential coral nippers, especially when underfed.
  • Invertebrates may be at risk.
  • Observing individual behaviour is crucial before deciding on a full reef setup.

Suitable Tank Size

Pearlscale Angels appreciate spacious tanks that allow them to swim freely and establish territories.

  • Minimum tank size of 350 litres.
  • The tank should be longer rather than taller for maximum swimming space.
  • Ensure plenty of hiding spots and open areas.

Water Conditions

Maintaining optimal water conditions is crucial for the health and vibrancy of a Pearlscale Angel.

  • Stable water temperature between 24-27°C.
  • pH levels should stay within the range of 8.1–8.4.
  • Specific gravity of the water between 1.020-1.025.

Preparing Your Tank

Before introducing your Pearlscale Angel, ensure the tank is well-cycled, has stable water parameters, and contains live rocks for hiding and grazing.

  • Complete the Nitrogen Cycle to establish a healthy biological filter.
  • Adjust water parameters to meet the Pearlscale Angel's requirements.
  • Introduce live rocks and substrates to mimic their natural habitat.

Monitoring Behaviour

Upon introducing your Pearlscale Angel, monitor its behaviour to ensure it's adapting well to its new environment.

  • Look for active swimming and exploration as signs of comfort.
  • Pay attention to any signs of stress, such as excessive hiding or rapid breathing.
  • Observe interactions with other tank mates to ensure harmony.

Feeding Schedule

Pearlscale Angels thrive on a varied diet that helps maintain their color and health.

  • Feed a mix of spirulina, marine algae, mysis shrimp, and quality pellets.
  • Feeding should be done 2-3 times daily.
  • Monitor feeding habits and adjust accordingly to avoid overfeeding.

By adhering to these guidelines, your Pearlscale Angel will not only thrive but also become a showstopper in your marine aquarium.