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Indigo Dottyback

Indigo Dottyback

  • Water Type: Marine
  • Tank Size: 100L once fully grown
  • Recommended Amount: Seek Advice
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Your Guide to Buying and Adding an Indigo Dottyback to Your Tank

Brighten your aquarium with the enchanting Indigo Dottyback. Discover the essentials from selecting, acclimating, to maintaining this intriguing fish in your aquatic paradise.

Choosing the Right Indigo Dottyback

Adding an Indigo Dottyback to your aquarium is an exciting endeavor, given their striking coloration and interesting behavior. To make the perfect choice, one must delve into their characteristics, their compatibility with other aquatic life, and the ideal tank conditions for them.

The Indigo Dottyback is a delightful gem in the marine aquarium scene, captivating enthusiasts with its blend of blue and purple hues. Knowledge and care are essential for the wellbeing of this vibrant creature.

Physical Appearance

The Indigo Dottyback is celebrated for its deep blue to purplish hue, which makes it a standout in any marine setup.

  • Deep indigo blue coloration
  • Slender body shape
  • Pronounced dorsal fin
  • Usually reaches a length of 2-3 inches

Compatibility with Other Fish

When it comes to cohabitation, the Indigo Dottyback can be a bit of a wildcard. It is known for its territorial behavior, especially towards its own kind or similarly sized fish.

  • Best kept singly or with larger fish species.
  • Can become aggressive, especially in smaller tanks.
  • Not recommended to house with passive or smaller species.

Reef Safe

Indigo Dottybacks are generally considered reef-safe. They don't usually harm corals, but they might snack on small shrimp or other tiny invertebrates.

  • Safe for most reef aquariums
  • Watch out for predation on tiny crustaceans

Suitable Tank Size

Given their size and temperament, Indigo Dottybacks don’t require a vast space but should be given an adequate environment to establish a territory.

  • Ideal aquarium size: A minimum of litres.
  • Provide plenty of rockwork for hiding and establishing territories.

Water Conditions

Like other marine species, Indigo Dottybacks thrive in specific water conditions.

  • Maintain a stable water temperature between 24-27°C
  • Ensure the pH level stays within the range of 8.1–8.4
  • Keep the specific gravity of the water between 1.020-1.025

Preparing Your Tank

Introducing an Indigo Dottyback requires an established and well-cycled aquarium. Attention to water parameters, provision of hiding spots, and suitable tank mates will ensure a smooth acclimation process.

  • Ensure the tank has completed its nitrogen cycle
  • Introduce live rocks or other structures for hiding
  • Avoid overcrowded setups to reduce territorial disputes

Monitoring Behaviour

Post introduction, keep a keen eye on the Indigo Dottyback's behavior to ensure its smooth integration.

  • Natural behavior includes establishing territories and darting among rocks.
  • Be vigilant about signs of aggression, especially if housed with smaller or similar-sized fish.
  • Signs of stress can include reduced appetite and pale coloration.

Feeding Schedule

Indigo Dottybacks have a varied diet that can keep them healthy and vibrant.

  • Feed them once or twice a day.
  • A balanced diet includes meaty foods like brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, and prepared marine foods.
  • They may also accept high-quality marine pellets.

With the right knowledge and setup, the Indigo Dottyback can be a captivating addition to your marine aquarium. Happy fishkeeping!