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Decora Goby (Purple)

Decora Goby (Purple)

  • Water Type: Marine
  • Tank Size: Min. 60L once fully grown
  • Recommended Amount: Seek Advice
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Your Guide to Buying and Adding a Decora Goby (Purple) to Your Tank

The Decora Goby, specifically the Purple variant, is scientifically known as Istigobius decoratus. This striking species offers vibrant coloration, making it a noteworthy choice for those seeking to add a touch of purple to their marine aquarium.

Choosing the Right Decora Goby (Purple)

When on the lookout for a Decora Goby:

  • Opt for individuals showing a rich, deep purple hue and active behaviour.
  • Steer clear of specimens displaying signs of ill health, such as ragged fins, skin lesions, or lethargic movements.

Physical Appearance

Key features of the Decora Goby (Purple) include:

  • A slender, elongated body growing up to 5 inches in length.
  • A dazzling purple coloration, sometimes accompanied by pale bands or patterns.
  • Smaller, beady eyes and a pointed snout.

Compatibility with Other Fish

When thinking about tank companions:

  • Decora Gobies are typically peaceful, coexisting with various other non-aggressive species.
  • They can be a tad territorial with other gobies, so it's wise to offer enough space or keep them singly.

Reef Safe

For those maintaining a reef setup:

  • Purple Decora Gobies are deemed reef safe.
  • They typically do not pose a threat to corals or other invertebrates.

Suitable Tank Size

Given their moderate size:

  • A minimum tank size of 75 litres is recommended. A larger environment is always better for stability and providing ample territory.

Water Conditions

For optimal health:

  • Temperature: 22-25.5°C
  • pH levels: 8.1-8.4.
  • Specific gravity: 1.020-1.025.

Preparing Your Tank

To create the ideal habitat:

  • Incorporate a sandy substrate as these gobies often like to sift through it.
  • Introduce plenty of rockwork and hiding spaces to mimic their natural environment.

Monitoring Behaviour

To ensure the well-being of your Decora Goby:

  • Watch for active swimming and exploration. Hiding can be typical but shouldn’t be constant.
  • Ensure they don't show signs of bullying or being bullied.

Feeding Schedule

For a nourished Decora Goby:

  • Being omnivorous, they benefit from a mixed diet.
  • Provide marine flake food, supplemented with live or frozen foods like brine shrimp.
  • Aim to feed them once or twice a day.

The Decora Goby (Purple) is a captivating species that stands out in any marine tank setup. Its serene demeanour coupled with its stunning appearance ensures it's a favourite amongst marine aquarists. Proper care, feeding, and tank conditions will ensure this gem thrives in your underwater world.