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D-D Jumpguard Flexible Cut Out Set

D-D Jumpguard Flexible Cut Out Set

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D-D Jumpguard Flexi Cut-Out Set, designed to enable large cut-out designed for wiers, overflow boxes, and brackets. Each Flexi Cut-Out set provides you with 2 standard corners and 2 reverse corners to enable the assembly of larger cut- outs for overflow boxes, weirs, brackets, and wires. If a standard frame is cut to use these in the assembly, it’s advisable on the larger covers to include a brace bar to retain structural integrity.


  • Made for D-D JumpGuard tank covers.
  • Designed to enable you to have a larger cover.
  • For larger cut-outs for overflow boxes, weirs, brackets & wires.
  • These are used in the standard frame.
  • 1x Pair of standard corners and 1x Pair reverse corners
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