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Aqua Natural Turtle & Axolotl Medley

Aqua Natural Turtle & Axolotl Medley

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The Axolotl is a carnivorous predator and in the wild enjoys a varied diet of insect lavae, worms, tadpoles and small fish. Aqua Natural Axolotl Medley is formulated to mimic the diet of a wild animal. This makes it the perfect full diet for captive Axolotls.

Native Australian Freshwater Turtles are broadly split into two groups. Short necks and Long necks. Generally speaking, long neck turtles are carnivores and short neck turtles are omnivores.

• Super rich in amino acids, fat and protein

• Pharmaceutical grade freeze dried technology locks in natural live taste and nutrients

• Parasite and disease free


100% Dried Whole Minnow (loose)

100% Brine Shrimp Artemia (cubes)

100% Bloodworms Glycera (loose)

100% Mysis Shrimp Mysidae (loose)

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