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DYMAX Algae Brusher 300ml

DYMAX Algae Brusher 300ml

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Dymax Algae Brusher is a water treatment solution that helps to prevent the accumulation of adhesive algae and phytoplankton in freshwater and planted aquariums. It is also effective at diminishing algae like brush algae, beard algae, thread algae, brown algae, red algae, slime, and even sludge.

Dymax Algae Brusher works by dissolving organic matter that algae feed on. This helps to create a healthier environment for fish and plants, and makes it more difficult for algae to thrive.


  • Prevents and controls algae growth
  • Dissolves organic matter
  • Promotes a healthier environment for fish and plants
  • Safe to use with aquatic plants
  • Harmless to fish and shrimp when used as directed
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